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application/pdfAfter a Caesarean Section (189KB)Download
application/pdfAntenatal advice for women with diabetes (403KB)Download
application/pdfAntenatal Colostrum Harvesting leaflet (730KB)Download
application/pdfBe Breast Aware (41KB)Download
application/pdfBirth after Previous Caesarean section (184KB)Download
application/pdfBirth Choices for pregnant women (1019KB)Download
application/pdfBuilding a happy baby leaflet - produced by Unicef (413KB)Download
application/mswordCaring for your baby at night (867KB)Download
application/pdfCell Salvage (208KB)Download
application/pdfEnhanced Recovery Programme (ERP) leaflet (133KB)Download
application/pdfExternal Cephalic Version (ECV) for breech presentation at term leaflet (125KB)Download
application/pdfGroup B Streptococcus (GBS) during pregnancy and childbirth (179KB)Download
application/pdfGuidance for parents who have chosen to formula feed leaflet (271KB)Download
application/pdfHow to express your breastmilk (757KB)Download
application/pdfIf your baby has died or you need to say goodbye leaflet (1.60MB)Download
application/pdfInduction of Labour leaflet (121KB)Download
application/pdfInformation for women going home after pre-labour rupture of membranes (PROM) leaflet (121KB)Download
application/pdfIntravenous (IV) Iron leaflet (178KB)Download
application/pdfLatent Phase leaflet (503KB)Download
application/pdfMiscarriage leaflet (119KB)Download
application/pdfMonochorionic Twins - complications of shared placenta leaflet (247KB)Download
application/pdfMultiple Pregnancy leaflet (1.83MB)Download
application/pdfNewborn Jaundice - caring for your baby leaflet (231KB)Download
application/pdfOptions for monitoring your baby in labour for all low risk women leaflet (97KB)Download
application/pdfOral Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) in pregnancy (English) (158KB)Download
application/pdfOral Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) in pregnancy (Polish) (196KB)Download
application/pdfPlanning a baby when you have diabetes (320KB)Download
application/pdfPost Natal Depression (226KB)Download
application/pdfPost procedure advice following amniocentesis leaflet (126KB)Download
application/pdfpostnatal and breastfeeding advice for women with diabetes (321KB)Download
application/pdfPostnatal Exercises and Advice (286KB)Download
application/pdfPregnancy Information Booklet (1.74MB)Download
application/pdfPrelabour Rupture of Membranes (PROM) from 37 weeks leaflet (204KB)Download
application/pdfPreventing Group B Streptococcus Infection in Newborn Babies (643KB)Download
application/pdfRecognising Premature Labour leaflet (144KB)Download
application/pdfRenal Pelvis Dilation leaflet (400KB)Download
application/pdfRhD Negative and Care in Pregnancy (208KB)Download
application/pdfScreening tests for you and your baby - UK National Screening Committee (3.89MB)Download
application/pdfTaking your baby home from hospital when delivered between 12 and 24 weeks gestation leaflet (257KB)Download
application/pdfYou, your baby and your epilepsy leaflet (344KB)Download
application/pdfYour stay on Maternity ward 23 bedside folder (3.03MB)Download
application/pdfYour weight in pregnancy (High BMI) leaflet (493KB)Download

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