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Clinical Audit

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Clinical audit is the process of assuring clinical effectiveness through the study of selected clinical processes. Clinical audit may involve patient-based research or may be conducted through desk-top study of medical records.

Clinical audit contributes to the overall assurance of good governance. Results of clinical audits are made available to the governance department.

Purpose of Clinical Audit for Medical Professionals

Clinical audit can serve three useful functions:

  • The first is to provide a structured way in which questions about the clinical effectiveness of the Trust's procedures can be assessed objectively and rigorously

  • The second function is to meet national and regional requirements to assure clinical effectiveness

  • The third function is to meet part of the requirements for junior doctor training and development

Clinical Audit Process

Regional and national requirements are monitored by the Clinical Audit department.  From these requirements, an annual programme is developed and communicated to the relevant medical departments.  The clinical audit lead in each department is expected to allocate the audits to appropriate staff. 

Other audits, referred to as ad hoc audits, may be developed by staff as a response to a specific issue or as a matter of interest to the persons concerned.

Wherever the audit originates, the Clinical Audit department is required to register the details and maintains a watch on progress and completion. 

The way in which a clinical audit is carried out depends upon the type of audit.  However, all audits have to result in a written report and the majority are presented verbally at the department's Quality Improvement Session.  Audits without the written report will be registered as incomplete. 

For more information, staff can refer to the intranet.

Contact Point

For more information about the audit process at MCHFT, contact:

Clinical Audit Lead
Clinical Audit
Leighton Hospital, Middlewich Rd, Crewe, Cheshire
01270 612033

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