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The Mid Cheshire Hospitals Exposition represents an opportunity for staff to share and promote some of the hard work they do to improve patient care and develop health services.

Mark the date: The next Expo will be held in the Post Graduate Medical Centre Lecture Hall on Friday 30th June, 2017.

There will be a display of posters on the following projects that Trust staff and students have engaged in: 

  • Sharing service improvement best practice
  • Translational research
  • Clinical audits
  • Original research projects


There will be prizes for overall First, Second and Third places as well as a Student prize.  All entrants will receive a Certificate of Participation and will be published in the Book of Abstracts.

For staff and students looking to participate:

If you have completed a quality improvement project, participated in clinical audit or taken part in research within the past two years (and it hasn’t been presented at previous MCHFT Expositions), please consider submitting an abstract.  Submissions are sought from all departments and all staff groups.  If you’re not sure whether your topic is appropriate to this year’s theme, please contact the Expo Team. Please note that this is a showcase of local work and should relate to work in association with Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

For further details or queries, please contact the Expo Team by email or by calling Clinical Audit on extension 2033.

Please share your work and get involved!

Previous winners:

Previous winners from 1st July 2016:


  • 1st Place – “Inspiring new treatment for patients with chronic heart failure with reduced ejection fraction” -  J. Meir, S. Duckett, A. Dave, R. Miller, B. Burnham & D. Bailey.
  • 2nd Place – “Self-administration of medicines at Elmhurst Intermediate Care Centre (EICC)” – S. Hamman, J. Clarke & R.J. Platt.
  • 3rd Place – “Paediatric patients attending the breast clinic: do we meet the standards and which patients benefit the most?” – E. Kleidi & V. Pope.
  • Student Winner – “Negative for deep vein thrombosis (DVT) but high clinical suspicion? Is there a need to re-scan after a negative full leg ultrasound scan” – S.K. Minshull (Liverpool University), E.J. Hammond, M.A. Farrington & T. Brown.


  • Highly Commended – “Pharmacy technician administering medicines to in-patients on ward 21B” – Y. Harris, J. Powell & K. Thomas.
  • Highly Commended (student) – “Successful outpatient management of massive lymphoedema with lymphorrhea” – D. Owain (Keele University), L. Patullo, S. Rajagopalan.


  To view a selection of the posters from 2015: click here

More about the day is available from the Committee's poster presentation at the NW R&D's Let's Talk Research, 17th & 18th Sept 2015, Bolton. Click here to view

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