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Lists and registers

6.1 List of Main Contractors / Suppliers

For specific details of our main contractors/suppliers please make a request for information:

6.2 Asset Registers and Information Asset Register

For specific lists and registers please make a request for information:

6.3 Register of Interests

For details on our register of interests please make a request for information:

6.4 Register of Gifts and Hospitality

6.5 Estates Management

  • ERIC (Estates Return Information Collection)

The Hospital Estates and Facilities Statistics is the national data warehouse for England extracted from the ERIC (Estates Return Information Collection) return. It is the main central data collection for estates and facilities services from the NHS containing information dating back to 1999/2000 and will be added to as future returns are completed. The data provided enables the analysis of Estates & Facilities information from NHS Trusts and PCTs in England which is a compulsory requirement that NHS Trusts submit an Estates Return. The data is as provided by NHS organizations and has not been amended. The accuracy and completeness is the responsibility of the Trusts. You can use this specially designed website to make specific searches on the data return by financial year and can be used to find various information on the Trust’s Estates Management online –





6.6 Freedom of Information Requests - Quarterly Reports

The reports below detail the Trusts complaince with the Freedom of Information Act:

  • FOI Quarterly Report Apr - Jun (Q1 - 2011/2012) (not yet available)


  • FOI Quarterly Report July - Sept (Q2 - 2011/2012) (not yet available)


  • FOI Quarterly Report Oct - Dec (Q3 - 2011/2012) (not yet available)


  • FOI Quarterly Report Jan - Mar (Q4 - 2011/2012)  (not yet available)