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Foundation Year 1

F1 – Attainment of Foundation Year 1 Competence (AF1C) and GMC Registration

The requirements for satisfactory completion of the first year (F1) of the Foundation Programme are set out in section 10 of The UK Foundation Programme Reference Guide (2012) from the national Foundation Programme website.

The following gives an approximate timeframe for the F1 sign off and registration period:


The GMC contact trainees directly with instructions on how to apply online for full registration.  Local Foundation Programme Directors prepare to review trainee portfolios for the ARCP.  Trainees are responsible for ensuring that their e-portfolio is up to date and completed in line with national and local requirements by the deadline of 31st May.  



From 1st June - trust ARCP panels convene to review portfolios and recommend ARCP outcomes.  Trainees to be notified of ARCP outcome and outcomes to be entered and acknowledged (by the panel chair and trainee) on the e-portfolio as soon as possible, but by no later than 30th June.



The release of the AF1C is awarded following final review and sign off by the Deputy Dean – Foundation.  

The Foundation School work closely with all other Foundation Schools in the UK to process AF1Cs and recommend local graduates for full registration with the GMC, subject to a successful ARCP outcome.  In line with GMC guidance, recommendations for full registration cannot be made before 28 days prior to the last day of F1. 


Full registration will begin on the first day of F2 (the first Wednesday of August)

It is a trainee’s responsibility to ensure that they hold the appropriate level of registration to progress from F1 to F2.  Trainees who do not meet the timeframes for sign off and registration will risk not being fully registered for the start of F2 and will not be able to commence their placement. 


Applying for full GMC Registration

Applicants for full registration will need to log into their MyGMC account on the GMC website (www.gmc-uk.org) and follow the relevant instructions on applying for registration with a license to practice and make the registration payment (£200 from 1 April 2015).

From 2015 the submission of the Certificate of Experience (CoE) – which recommends a doctor for full registration - will be entirely online and will be managed by your medical school or by the foundation school which is affiliated with your medical school.  The North West of England Foundation School is responsible for submitting CoEs for graduates from the three local medical schools, Manchester, Liverpool and Lancaster and non-UK graduate training in the HENW region.

If you’re unsure as to which foundation school is affiliated with your medical school then visit the national Foundation Programme website to access the relevant details.  

Full guidance on the application process will be detailed on the GMC website. 


Completing your portfolio and ARCP

This process is the same for every trainee within the North West, irrespective of where a doctor has graduated and will be facilitated by the e-portfolio. 

The local trust foundation team will provide full details to its trainees of the local ARCP process and FY1 sign off process which will include completion of the Enhanced Form R. 

On completion of the ARCP (which must be signed by the panel chair and the trainee) the Deputy Dean – Foundation (DDF) for Health Education England - North West will access the completed e-portfolio to verify whether a successful ARCP outcome has been awarded and subject to this outcome, will release a completed AF1C certificate to confirm achievement of the FY1 competencies and recommendation for Full GMC registration.

Manchester, Liverpool and Lancaster graduates; once the AF1C has been completed the North West of England Foundation School will submit your CoE online to the GMC UK registration team.

UK graduates; once the AF1C has been completed the North West of England Foundation School will notify the local medical/foundation school.  They will then submit your CoE online to the GMC UK registration team.

 Non-UK graduates training in the North West; once the AF1C has been completed the North West of England Foundation School will submit your CoE online to the GMC UK registration team.

Further information on the ARCP process can be found from our Policies and Procedures page.

Further information regarding GMC registration can be found on the GMC website

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