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Foundation Year 2

F2 - Foundation Achievement of Competence (FACD)

The requirements for satisfactory completion of the second year of the Foundation Programme are set out in section 11 of The UK Foundation Programme Reference Guide (2012) from the national Foundation Programme website.

The following gives an approximate timeframe for F2 sign off:


Local Foundation Programme Directors prepare to review trainee portfolios for the ARCP.  Trainees are responsible for ensuring that their e-portfolio is up to date and completed in line with national and local requirements by the deadline of 31st May.  



From 1st June - trust ARCP panels convene to review portfolios and recommend ARCP outcomes.  Trainees to be notified of ARCP outcome and outcomes to be entered and acknowledged (by the panel chair and trainee) on the e-portfolio as soon as possible, but by no later than 30th June.

Completion of the portfolio includes the mandatory requirement for all F2 Trainees to complete the F2 Exit Survey at the end of their training year.  


The release of the FACD is awarded following final review and sign off by the Deputy Dean – Foundation.  



Evidence of Foundation Competences (the FACD) will be required by the lead employer/school for progression to higher training. 

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