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"All Simulation Education Courses from Mid Cheshire Foundation Hospital Trust are accredited by the North West Simulation Education Network"

Simulation is a technique for practice and learning that can be applied to many different disciplines and trainees. It is widely used to replace and amplify real experiences with supported ones, in a fully interactive fashion, in a safe environment. Improving patient safety, outcomes and experience is paramount and this depends on addressing the learning needs of the workforce. Simulation-based learning assists in developing the health professionals’ knowledge, skills, and attitudes, whilst protecting patients from unnecessary risks.  Simulation-based medical education can be a platform which provides a valuable tool in learning, to highlight potential clinical or ethical issues and can resolve practical dilemmas.  It is thus essential for governance and risk. 

In medicine, simulation offers a wide variety of training potential for both the interdisciplinary medical teams and the wider service. The realistic scenarios and equipment allows for both the facilitation of learning, but also for knowledge and skills retention, with repeated practice until one can master the procedure or skill.

Teamwork training, conducted both in a simulated environment, or in-stiu, may offer an added benefit to the traditional didactic instruction that has previously underpinned medical education.   It acts as a vessel to enhance performance, and has been a recognised way of reducing errors.  An increasing number of health care institutions and medical schools are now turning to simulation-based learning under the support and recommendations from Health Education England. 

The simulation team at MCHFT comprises a core lead and Sim technician.  We offer a range of simulation expertise and either facilitate simulations independently or support ward areas to run in-situ simulations.   We also work closely with an ODP from theatres who, apart from being responsible for the educational management of the theatre staff, assists the simulation team on a regular basis.  We are fortunate to have a bank of simulated people who have been trained in assisting with the simulations and a bank of paid actors/actresses for those more complex scenarios.  Currently based in The Post Graduate centre we run simulations on an interprofessional level and have a small designated ward area assigned out of the clinical area where we offer simulated training.

For more information please contact:

Dr Chiara Mosley, Simulation Lead


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