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Work Experience Applications

In order for us to offer you a valuable work experience placement that suits your career needs please fill in the online form below. Placements are limited and we try to place you in a suitable environment. Please note that we do not guarantee a full week's placement.

Work experience applicants are also asked to read the following information and guidelines:


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Work Experience Application Form
The information on this form will be stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 on a manual and computerised system; this information may be shared with other members of staff at the Trust for the purposes of administering this work experience scheme. If you agree to be a member of the Foundation Trust you details will be held for the purpose of administering the scheme and will be shared with a third party responsible for the administration of the member's information. You have a right of access to personal information held by the Trust as per the Act. If you would like to access these records please contact the Learning Support Officer. 
* The Trust places considerable importance on the need for attention to Health and Safety at work. You have the responsibility to acquaint yourself with the safety rules of the workplace, to follow these rules and make use of facilities and equipment provided for your safety. It is essential that all incidents, however minor, are reported to the Future Workforce Team and recorded using Mid Cheshire Hospitals Trust incident report forms and procedures. 
* The Trust will also expect you to observe other rules and regulations governing the workplace which are drawn to your attention.  Please note that there is a No Smoking Policy covering the whole hospital site and that there are security arrangements applicable in most locations.
The Trust fully supports equal opportunities in employment and opposes all forms of unlawful or unfair discrimination on the grounds of ethnic origins, gender, disability, age, religion or sexuality.   
* There will be no payment for meals or travelling expenses. 
Confidentiality and Data Protection - All work experience students at Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust are responsible for maintaining confidentiality.  In the course of your work, you may see, hear or be involved in working with confidential information which could be stored on paper or on a computer.  You must safeguard this Information and treat it with the strictest confidence and agree not without the prior written consent of the Trust disclose, reveal, report, publish or transfer any Confidential Information to any third party. 
* Individuals are authorised to have access to patient or other personal information that they need to know in order to perform their duties.  You must not use personal or confidential information for any purpose other than for the fulfilment of your duties at the Trust. Gaining access or attempting to gain access to information that you do not need to see to carry out your work is a breach of confidentiality as is passing information onto someone who is not authorised to see it. It can also constitute a criminal offence under The Computer Misuse Act 1990 or The Data Protection Act 1998. 
* Unauthorised loss or disclosure of information, whether unintentional or deliberate, could cause damage and distress to an individual.  It could also result in the loss of public confidence in the Trust and fines of up to £500,000 by the Information Commissioner 
* All reasonable care should be taken to protect the physical security of confidential information from accidental loss, damage, destruction and unauthorised access or accidental disclosure. 
* I agree to hold in confidence any information regarding individual patients or members of staff which I may see or hear during my work experience placement. I also understand that I will not disclose any information to another person without the permission of Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. 
* I have also read and understood the above Trust Requirements and Confidentiality Agreement. 
* I agree to observe all guidance laid down by the Trust and made known to me by the Trust representatives or by displayed instructions. 
* I confirm that the information on this application form is correct. 
I have read and understood the above Trust Requirements and Confidentiality Agreement. 
* I have witnessed my son / daughter agree to the above Trust Requirements and Confidentiality Agreement and he/she has agreed to hold in confidence any information regarding individual patients or members of staff which they may see or hear during their work experience placement. They also understand that they will not disclose any information to another person without the permission of Mid Cheshire Hospital Trust. 
* I will ensure my son / daughter carries out these obligations, and confirm that he / she is not suffering from any complaint which might create a hazard to himself / herself or those working with him / her. 
* I confirm that the information on this application form is correct. 
* I give permission for my son / daughter to attend for Work Experience at Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. 
Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is committed to a policy of Equal Opportunities. In order to ensure the policy is being carried out all applicants are asked to complete the form. 
The form will be kept separate from your request form and the information provided will NOT be used in deciding whether you will be offered a work experience placement. The information will only be used for monitoring and will be treated as confidential. 
Now test your knowledge (the Information Governance Guidelines document, which can be found at the top of this page, will help with these questions). 

Works Experience Occupational Health Questionnaire

Once your placement has been confirmed you will need to fill in a short Occupational Health questionnaire. This can be found here (Word document, opens in new window) and needs to be returned to tmc-tr.OccupationalHealth@nhs.net. Please also copy in inspiring.futures@mcht.nhs.uk.

Being a Member of Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

All those aged 16 or above who attend for work experience at MCHFT are encouraged to become Members of the Trust. Membership is completely free and is a chance to show your support for your local hospitals. 

All Members receive our quarterly newsletter and then choose for themselves how much more involved they would like to be. Involvement can include volunteering, attending Member-only events and standing to become a Governor.

Why should I become a Member?

  • Show your support for your local hospitals
  • Help your hospitals to be more open and accountable to the community
  • Receive our quarterly newsletter, ‘All Together’, and other Trust updates
  • Attend meetings and Member-only events
  • Vote for the Governor of your choice or even stand to become a Governor
  • Become a volunteer
  • Participate in surveys and questionnaires about Trust services
  • Receive NHS discounts through a dedicated website

To become a Member you must be aged 16 or over and be a patient (within the last five years), a carer or live in our local area. If that applies to you please click here (external link, opens in new window) and fill out the short online form. We will then send you a welcome letter, a copy of our latest newsletter and a link to the NHS discount website.