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Learning the Language

 Almost all of the jobs at a hospital Trust require a reasonable standard of spoken and written English. Overseas Doctors may need to take the PLAB examinations to practice in the UK and this includes a linguistic element GMC information about PLAB

 Once in post many overseas staff may find the challenge is coming to terms with the difference between taught English and the English spoken by colleagues and friends. Additionally, people may communicate in a different way than you are used to. Here are some things for you to bear in mind:

  •  Try not to translate words, instead work on recognising and understanding the phrases people use.

  • Recognise that culturally England maybe very different from where you have come from and this is reflected in the way people speak to each other.

  • People from different parts of the UK can sound quite different from one another. They may have a very strong regional accent and/ or use expressions and phrases you have not come across before. If you have any doubt as to the meaning of what they have said ask them politely to explain or tactfully consult a colleague.

  • Speak to people as much as possible; practice makes perfect!

 English language courses are delivered at several colleges local to the hospital

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