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Public Transport

 Buses - To hail a bus, stand at the bus stop and put your arm out to signal to the bus to stop. When you want to get off press the red button and the bus will stop at the next bus stop.

Trains - Train tickets can be bought at the local train station (Crewe) or online.  The national rail enquiries website can provide information on train times and the cost of tickets.

 Taxis – Taxis are usually more expensive than other modes of transport unless you are sharing them with others. In cities you can hail Taxis in the street but in Cheshire the most efficient way of making sure you get a Taxi is to book one. Taxi numbers can be found in the Yellow pages, online or your friends or colleagues maybe able to give you the number of a reliable company.

 Cycling – Can be a cheap and efficient way of getting around and some roads have special cycle lanes which help cyclists stay safe. It’s essential you understand the Highway Code when riding a bicycle.

Airplanes - the nearest international airport is manchester.  Flight information can be found on the Manchester airport website.

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